Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Bored Mom Speaks Out...

My friend, Amy, shared an article she found on USA that's shaking up mommysphere. Seems a lady in Britain proclaims she is "bored rigid" by her children.

The writing appeared last week in the Daily Mail tabloid. It's a shockingly cool maternal musing that's erupted into seething criticism of the mom, who lives in upscale Notting Hill and has a nanny. The writer, a 42-year-old journalist and mother of two, told USA Today that she is "the most vilified woman in Britain."

Here's an excerpt from the USA Today article:

Kirwan-Taylor, the mother of two boys, Constantin, 12, and Ivan, 10, says many tasks associated with motherhood are tedious and boring. She'd rather go shopping or have her hair done than attend another child's birthday party. When she takes her kids to movies, she spends the two hours text-messaging friends on her cellphone. She says that when her children were young, she became a workaholic to avoid having to spend time with them. She begged the nanny to read them bedtime stories.

The article went on to say this:

"Up until 10 years ago, parents did not spend every waking moment with their children. We became a society where everything children say and do and think is meant to be fulfilling. Women are not allowed to have a life of their own, and if they do, it's considered selfish," she says.

Even worse than child-rearing is listening to conversations about child-rearing, she says. "The mothers in my school are so boring. They talk about packing lunches when we should be talking about the wars raging."

Kirwan-Taylor says new research shows that child-centered parenting is creating "a generation of narcissistic children who cannot function independently."

Hmmm... anyone want to jump into this one?


Anonymous said...

I hope that Kirwan-Taylor is in the habit of putting her extra "Starbucks change" in a large counseling jar for when her children get a little older! I'm not sure folks like this should "breed," and I mean that term literally since she certainly doesn't seem the type that might actually find nurturing a child in the womb to be any more thrilling that "popping out a litter" and selling them on EBAY. Perhaps next time she gets the urge it would be better if she just got a fish...or better yet a new pair of shoes...those fish can be tiresome!!!

Sarah Onderdonk said...

anon... she is getting pounded by the press and her husband, according to USA Today, is "not happy" with her article. I suspect the whole family may need more than Starbuck's change for counseling after the dust settles here...

thanks for writing!

Jamey said...

While I can so understand that some days are a little more tiresome than others, the overall big picture of my responsibilities to my children humble me to my knees. Often I am shocked that the Lord deems me worthy to raise two children - preparing them not only for this life on earth but more importantly for their eternal life. If I find my self "sitting still" in my relationship with my children it is more likely because I am challenged to the point of paralysis than bored! I guess if I was not a beliver and thought that the most important thing in my daughter's childhood was getting them to and from sporting events and ensring their happiness, I too would be BORED. But, praise God, I have the awesome responsibility to raise Obedient, God fearing believers and don't have the time to be bored. Often while driving to and fro I find myself "making a quick trip to the Throne of my savior" begging for direction.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

beautifully expressed, jamey... thank you.