Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Early Detection Saves Lives!

Saw a sobering statistic at the doctor's office today:

90% of colorectal cancers caught early are treatable;
37% of colorectal cancers are caught early.

Please pay attention to your body and have a colonoscopy before age 50 if you experience any bleeding or if you have a family history of colon or rectal cancers or a family history of colon or rectal polyps, which can become malignant.

For more information on detection, signs & symptoms and prevention, go to:

Doctors have told me that they are seeing more colorectal cancers in younger patients (like me). It strikes women and men alike. I was 43 when diagnosed and have heard of patients with terminal conditions in their 30's.

I was with the good doctors at Baylor for my three-month check-up today. No sign of recurrence and we are now looking at single-digit odds of it ever coming back. Thanks to God, great doctors, loving family and friends, and the never-ending quest to make something good out of tofu...

Stay tuned for next blog on the topic of community vs. isolation...

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