Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jesus... Please Come Back, Like, Now!

Warning: This is gross!

I am just minding my business this morning trying to catch a few news headlines. I get past the Middle East and local weather... then I hit a headline about something called "extreme body modification"... I said, what's that? A new trend? I clicked on the link and was taken directly to a picture of some guy with a split tongue! And, no, he didn't have a bike accident! It was intentional!

From the Associated Press:

Allen Falkner’s tongue is just one of his unusual features.

It is split down the middle, and when he sticks it out, it looks like a two-pronged snake tongue...

Extreme body modification features a wide range of alterations, including some that are illegal in Texas and elsewhere. Some people get horns implanted on their heads. Some install magnets in their hands, creating a “sixth sense” for feeling magnetic fields. Others remold their ears to make them pointy.

Just when you think the world can't get any more bizarre.

Don't you think if God wanted us to have a tongue like a dodo bird, he would have given it to us?

Is this, uh, postmodern? Maybe I don't get out much...

p.s. Regarding the pic... those Batman ears are temporary!


Anonymous said...

A sad statement about the human race is that we thrive on evil. We want to look evil, act evil, talk about evil, watch evil, and play evil video games. Yet we don’t want evil to happen to us. Isn’t it ironic that the world replicates our behavior? Once again we cry to God asking why this happening to us. Then we turn on the television and watch shows about murder, obscenity, and mayhem. We are what we watch, we are what we eat, and we are???? We ask for the government – police to clean the streets of the crime and violence and yet we are the true perpetrators because we are the ones who support it in the public media. (If we don’t buy it they will not make it.) If we want to place blame on someone for the continuing problems we only have to look into the mirror.
And then the alien anthropologist admitted they were still perplexed, but eliminating every other reason for our sad demise they logged the only explanation left. This species has amused itself to death. “Roger Waters: Amused to death”

Sarah Onderdonk said...

anon... you don't dance around the issues, do you. i truly appreciate your candor amd honesty. i also absolutely agree with you. it is a daily battle in this fallen world to stay on the path of righteousness when the world is like a smorgasbord for sin. but, you're right, we do have choices! "if we don't buy it they will not make it"

what, in your opinion, is one thing this blogging community... as individuals and families out there making consumer purchase decisions... could do to make a difference?

Donna said...

I was surfing channels one night and came upon a show that highlighted all the things that people do to their bodies these days. Unbelievable!! There was a guy who wanted to look like a lizard, so he split his tongue, got weird horn type lumps put under his scalp, added lots of piercings, and had a tattoo covering his entire body that looked like the skin of a lizard.

At the beach recently, a young gal walked by me who had large tattoos here, there and probably everywhere. On her right calf was a LARGE mermaid....with extremely large breasts that were adorned with HUGE nipples. Now, why on earth would any female wish to have that on any part of her body?

I don't understand the needs of many individuals these days, but you can bet that this next generation of tattoo lovers is going to look pretty pathetic one day. When all the tattoos of the lovely flowers, mermaids, or whatever sag as the skin ages, it will definiely be a sad sight! Don't you agree?

Sarah Onderdonk said...

hi donna!

couple things disturbed me about the AP article on body modification. part of the article that wasn't included talked about teens... as young as 15... trying to get these extreme surgical "enhancements"... mercifully, the kids were turned away because there are real and present health concerns associated with this kind of surgery. but depending upon the alteration... it can be quite risky from a health standpoint. the other thing i found upsetting was the demonic nature of some of the "enhancements"... horns on the top of the head... pointy ears, etc.

as for the tattoos... while it's not something i would choose for myself... and i do recoil at obscene body art like the kind you describe (don't really want my kids seeing that mermaid, if you know what i mean)... i recognize that tattoos are part of popular culture. and those with tattoos might argue that pierced ears and dental caps are also forms of self expressive body "art."

what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Sarah said “what, in your opinion, is one thing this blogging community... as individuals and families out there making consumer purchase decisions... could do to make a difference?”

First turn of the electric media. Even the news is a constant bombardment of bad thoughts and images, including commercials which make us want more and more. If you watch movies then watch movies that have an intrinsic value. A moral, courage, strong of heart…. Not things that blow up. (Skip the previews at the beginning) How many more car chase scenes, buildings blowing up, and battle scenes can one endure?
Think about the value of a purchase before you make it, if it has no real value then don’t make it. Play games that stimulate brain activity, and creative thinking skills. Participate with other people; create a community of like minded people. Educate others on your thoughts. A single thought can start a revolution and change the world. Let your children play outside creating games to play, using there imagination instead of letting the media entertain them.
Check out sustainable living websites buy what you need not what you want.

Part II

With all the body piercing, tattoos, body modifications people think they are being creative, and expressing who they really are. Is it really creativity when everyone else has the same thing? How expressive is body art when you walk into a tattoo parlor and say I want whatever picture off the wall tattooed on me. That really takes a lot of ingenuity. A thousand other people have gotten the same thing. Then we all begin to look alike so we have to get more and more bizarre to outdo others in the form of personal expression. If creativity is what you’re looking for learn to play an instrument, write a song, write a poem, and learn to paint or draw. There is a million ways to express creativity without putting graffiti on the work of art we are

Sarah Onderdonk said...

anon... i think i will cut and paste and let you author the "sustainable living" blog, ok? we will have to get you a pen name, though. thanks!

i met an interesting person recently who has hebrew tattoos on his arms. when people say, "what's that?" he tells them about God.

Donna said...

I have to admit that I saw a tattoo that I thought was a great idea. It was around the wrist of a young guy who works at a local tire store. It was a neat chain design that went around his wrist like a bracelet and it had a rectangular shape where initials would appear on an identification bracelet and instead of initials, his said "diabetic". I commented about it and he said that chains were always getting caught and broken. He figured he might as well have something permanent on his wrist to alert others to his problem in case of an emergency.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Donna... thank you for sharing that. part of the purpose of this blog is to challenge our thinking in regard to issues in our culture today. clearly the issue of tattoos is more than skin deep... maybe it comes down to motive.