Saturday, September 16, 2006

To Blog Or Not To Blog...

September 30, 2006

Three months ago, I thought a "blog" was a heart condition. Now I am blogging away. I can bring this to you at no cost to me and no cost to you. But does it serve a purpose? Does it glorify God? Does it help you? Should it keep going?

My academic advisor says "yes." And I have a little inner "tug" whispering that it might be a mistake to quit.

So... here I remain for a time in blogland...

You can still help by:

1. Forwarding the link
2. Engaging in dialogue

Also, if you have any topics you'd like me to consider writing about, e-mail me at:

Thanks & Peace!


Hi All!

This site will be up and running until September 30, 2006 at which point a decision will be made as to whether or not there's a need for this blog. If you think it serves a purpose in reaching and teaching people for Christ:

1. Forward the link to others.
2. Engage in dialogue by posting in the “comments” section. You can post as “anonymous.” Neither I nor anyone else will know who you are. Or you can create an identity by simply establishing a free “blog account” and following the prompts.

Thanks to those of you who've sent e-mails and posted comments. We'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks, OK? If you want to reach me by e-mail, here's how:

God bless and may you encounter God today in the simple things!


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T said...

I'm diggin' this blog!! Rock on!!

Jamey said...

Ok So I have to admit that I check your blog almost EVERY DAY. (a little way to stay connected to you) I am really enjoying it! I am often not educated enough to respond (to keep myself from sounding totally stupid) BUT I love to read your insight on life and see how some of your smarter bloggers repond (how lazy is that?). Some subjects I would love to jump to choose a church without being judgemental...why do I do the things that I most don't want to do (I think Paul was bothered by this too - I'm in good company)...being content.... I'm definately not starting my own blog so.....

Sarah Onderdonk said...

thank you, t!

jamey... you've taught me more than i could ever teach you. and let us not underestimate the brain power of one who once managed a population equivalent to a medium-to-large sized church...

ever thought about it in those terms?

Anonymous said...

This is my first time as a reader of your Blog and my initial reaction is "Why would you be considering canceling it?" If anything, you need to find more ways to advertise the use of it! It's a wonderful resource for a wide spectrum of readers! Thank you for referring me to your Blog! I'll be sure to pass it on!

Sarah Onderdonk said...

anon... thank you for your encouragement. i appreciate your kind words! please let me know if there are any topics in particular you'd like to see covered here.