Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who's a Hypocrite?

I realize there may be non-believers reading the most recent posts. You might say it’s a picture that depicts some familial kinks. You also might be inclined to say “’Aha! One more reason why I think Christians are a bunch of hypocrites!”

But before you go there… please consider this. There is sometimes a disconnect between what we say and what we do. That’s part of our fallen condition. Christians can be hypocrites. So can Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists. If you are human, you will at one time or another do something that is not consistent with what you have said. Webster’s uses the word “insincerity” to define hypocrisy. And this plays out just about everywhere, doesn’t it.

I was reminded of the time one of my friends and her husband joined another couple for dinner at a nice restaurant. The other woman put the cook and wait staff through hoops to ensure that not a hint of unnecessary oil or fat crossed her lips. The fish had to be cooked a certain way. The vegetables had to be steamed. The house dressing was not satisfactory. The woman had a small laundry list of demands that had to be met to satisfy her special dietary needs. When all the orders were issued, she sat back in her chair and smashed a blob of Grade A butter on a white dinner roll and ate it all up.

That is hypocrisy.

There’s a service station down the road that posted “No more pre-pay! We trust you!” on the pump. Just below this posting was another sign:

This station is under SURVEILLANCE!
We will prosecute ALL theft!
We will prosecute ALL credit card fraud!
We will prosecute ALL criminal activity!

That is hypocrisy.

So hypocrisy isn't just a Christian problem. It’s a human problem. It’s at the gym, the supermarket, the classroom, the workplace, and the mall.

Don’t let this issue keep you from having a relationship with Jesus! If you are one whose actions consistently align with your words… perhaps the church needs you.

(Photo by seekaltroutes, see for restrictions on use.)


Guy said...

Who is a hypocrite?

I am. I am also a liar, one who lusts, covets, has taken the Lord my God's name in vain, stolen, and even denied my God. This list could go on and on.

You see, I am a sinner. But....I am a redeemed sinner. That is, I have come to realize that no matter how "good" I am or try to be, I will never be able to be "good enough." How "good" is "enough?" Well, Jesus Christ said I had to be 100% the reflection of God (Matthew 5-7), any less was grounds for eternal judgment. A little simple math suggests that I have failed the test. What was I to do? How could Christ judge me as righteous?

Sarah Onderdonk said...

welcome to the club of humanity... appreciate your candor, Guy.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

interesting quote from John Stott:

“…the hypocrite's error is not in the diagnosis but in the failure to apply his own conviction to himself that he so meticulously applies to his brother.”