Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday’s Stream of Consciousness…

How do white socks escape the laundry room and where do they go?

Why do they call it “help desk”? Has anyone ever been helped?

Are there any “gentlemen” at a gentleman’s club?

Why aren’t there seat belts on school buses?

Can a wise person be foolish?

Can a foolish person be wise?

What’s with kids and tomato sauce?

Is it ever cruel to be kind?

Is it ever kind to be cruel?

My little meter says 922 people have viewed this blog in the past month. How come you are so quiet? Do you visit just once, or do you come back? (I guess some of you have to come back to answer that...)

What was Keith Richards doing in a tree?

OK! Trinitarianism paper due tomorrow… I’m off! Have a great weekend everyone!

(Photo by fo.ol. See for restrictions.)


Kreider said...

Several of those "hits" are mine. Your writing stimulates me to think and to think more Christianly. Keep it up.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Dr. Kreider!

I feel like a celebrity has landed here (all the good attributes and none of the bad!). Thank you for visiting! I sure hope I haven't said anything stupid... actually I think I'm OK so far... because Guy would have let me know.

I am on the cusp of figuring out how to put a song on here. I was thinking about Van Morrison, but perhaps I'll throw some Bono out there instead. Maybe you'll come back!


Guy said...


Your confidence far exceeds me I am afraid. But in the words of the aforementioned celebrity, "don't be afraid," "don't be afraid," "don't be afraid," ......

Amy Fanning said...

You lost me on the Keith Richards in a tree thing. ??

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Amy... yes, I'm lost, too! What was he doing in a tree?

Love, Sarah

p.s. you are obviously too busy being a mother of one and one on the way (whee!!) to bother with culture trivia... it's old news, anyway!