Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's You He Loves

It’s you I like. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair. It’s you I like. The way you are right now. The way deep down inside you. Not the things that hide you. Not your diplomas. They’re just beside you. It’s you I like. Every part of you.

Fred Rogers (“Mr. Rogers”)
Boston University Baccalaureate 1992

A question for you today:

What would it be like if you cut out all the “junk” people ever said about you… and focused instead on how your Father feels about you?

Source: Rev. Kevin Butcher, Pastor of Hope Community Church. Speaking at Dallas Seminary Chapel.

(Photo by christyscherrer. See for restrictions.)


Carrie B. said...

I love this! Isn't this what we all really long for...just to be loved and accepted for our hearts? That is undecorated,uncluttered,unobstructed,unimpressed, uncalculated,unfettered love that only One gives. Thank you Jesus. Oh and thank you Mr. Rogers and Sarah for reminding me!

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Carrie... you said it beautifully, too! The chapel speaker was reading an article about that event. The reporter said he looked around at the audience and everyone was crying. Pretty touching.

Thanks for the post!


della said...

How I miss Fred Rogers ... or as Aimi always called him ... Mr. Ma-rogers!