Sunday, October 01, 2006

Must See Movie!

Go to the movies and see "Facing the Giants!" You will laugh... and cry... and cheer... and be totally affirmed in your faith. I don't even like football and I have to say it was a very nice movie. It's rated PG (sensors thought it was "too Christian"... also has some scenes/dialogue about pregnancy/infertility). Zero profanity. A very wholesome movie.

This movie is not a blockbuster... no famous actors... small budget (the first few minutes require an "adjustment"... but do hang with it!)... but good entertainment and strong, positive message... it really needs a grassroots effort to stay viable in theaters. Go see it then tell your friends about it!


p.s. This slam just in from our local movie reviewer: "The religious proselytizing in this football movie is about as subtle as a blindside hit by a 300-pound defensive end." To which I would argue, "What's wrong with that?" I get to see Hollywood "proselytize" the degradation of human decency. I can see the spectrum of worldviews about religion every time I turn on cable. So what's wrong with a movie that promotes Christian values? Am I sensing some, uh, discrimination here?

(Photo by adobemac, see for restrictions.)

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