Saturday, November 04, 2006

About Ted Haggard...

This is a story about a man named Ted.
Not a Savior named Christ.


Kreider said...

or maybe it's both

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Ah... maybe so...

(Switching gears: What do prefer: "One + one + one = one"... OR... "One x one x one = one.")

Kreider said...

no sin, no grace. In order for there to be a story about Christ's grace there must be sin.

(Switching gears: 1+1+1+3. 1x1x1=1)

Sarah Onderdonk said...

That's the truth... if only that were the headline. That's a blog topic... the real story behind the story. In all your spare time (ha), please consider "guest blogging" sometime.

Somone put 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 in a paper on the Net Bible website and I love that it may just be a true equation (just not here...)

What are you teaching in the Spring?

Kreider said...

The problem, in my view, with 1+1+1=1 is that it is not true. In order to make it true, the symbols would need to be redefined, would need to be interpreted differently than any convention of which I am aware. And that would be tantamount to Humpty Dumpty's definition of "glory" as a "knockdown argument." Alice was right to point out to him that "glory" doesn't mean that, no matter how much HD pays the word to have it mean something else.

I'm doing Trinitarianism and Eschatology this spring.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

I'm using it to illustrate the mysterious, elusive truth of the Trinity (how three Persons can be One essence) for a synthetic definition of God. What I like about it is the inherent implication that the grasp of the Trinity is well beyond us. I really do appreciate what you're saying (and would anticipate criticism). But I still like it.


I will get the "quirky" award on this one no doubt.

Is Eschatology online?

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Dad... thanks for all the coaching you gave me in math all those years. Has it paid off or what??!!


Love, Sarah

Kreider said...

Eschatology is only available in a "live" format.

It's all about hope.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Very good! I'll need some of that on the other end of Trinitarianism. (problem is me and my poetry, not the course!)

You might be interested to know that my GTA had this to say about my "one plus one..." paper:

"This is unique." (hmmm...)

Still awaiting a grade.

Did you know that John Adair writes really cool movie reviews?