Sunday, November 12, 2006

Choosing Contentment: Part I

Daniel is our little treasure hunter. On a recent outing at Grapevine Lake, he stumbled upon this "treasure" and announced, "Hey! Somebody lost their jaw!" Ewwww! Mom, if you're reading this, the answer is, "Yes, he washed his hands!"

I caught part of an interview with Celine Dion on Fox News a couple weeks ago. At one point, she and the interviewer waded into territory that seemed to scratch at emotions. Dion was explaining how she would be spending a two-day break from her Las Vegas show. I thought I saw a hint of passion—maybe even defiance—as she described how she would be spending two days doing “normal” things with her son. She was going to bake three colors of cakes, she said with great emphasis, and enjoy every second of the time spent with her child. She went on to say that mothers who stay home with their children often want to find a way to escape, while mothers who do not stay home want nothing more than to spend more time with their children. Why is it that we always seem to want what we don’t have?

I would soon be thinking of this interview and something that Sarah Bragg said about the “choice” of contentment when the phone rang at noon last Wednesday. It was the school nurse calling with the news that Daniel was running a fever and would need to come home. So I shut down my online seminary lecture, swiped on some frosty lipstick (ah, vanity) and bolted out the door. I was relieved to find Daniel sitting in the nurse’s office with only a low-grade fever. After a nap and good night’s rest, he was fever-free and all but back to his wildly inexhaustible self.

The school has a policy of “fever free for 24 hours before you send them back.” So even though Daniel was good to go, he needed to skip school the next day for the sake of others. Little did I know that Celine Dion and Sarah Bragg would lead me to something of a “breakthrough” regarding my perspective. You see, I was faced with a choice last week as I stared into the twinkly eyes of my six year old. My plans hadn't involved playing I Spy and Batman on Thursday. I had counted on the day to catch up on commitments in advance of a chock-full week ahead. But I could see now with crystal clarity that my attitude could be influenced by choice. I could let a radical shift in "priorities" freeze my thoughts for the day on what was undone and looming. Or I could seize the moment.

Coming Soon: It Sure Didn’t Fit with My Plans, But This Is How We Spent Our Day…

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