Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Morality in Question at the Ballpark...

We had two little league games scheduled at 6:00 on Tuesday night. We’d blasted through the homework, torn through the house looking for missing uniform elements, and choked down a half-a-dozen soy dogs with mere minutes to go before we were officially “late” for warm-ups. In the parking lot at the ballpark, I was huffing and puffing myself out the driver’s seat while simultaneously trying to manage kids pouring out the back, bat bags leaking water bottles on my foot, a purse, my backpack, the family stadium blanket, and two months worth of Wal-Mart receipts swirling about the inside of my car like tickets in a grand-prize drum.

It’s amazing with all the multi-tasking going on that I could even hear the little “sckrssssh” sound as my door popped one joint too many and smacked the passenger’s mirror of the car next to us: a gorgeous, brand-new, champagne-colored Lexus. “Uh-oh,” I thought. Close inspection revealed what looked to be a fresh scratch on this otherwise immaculate wonder of modern engineering. I let everything, including my jaw, kind of fall to the ground as I did an immediate “re-enactment” of the crime scene.

“Yep. Scratch matches my door. I’m guilty.”

Coming Soon: What Happened Next?

(Photo by mindgraph. See for restrictions on use.)

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