Thursday, November 02, 2006

Morality in Question... Part II

(You may want to catch up by first reading the post below this one.)

So I’ve accidentally scratched someone’s new car. My first thought was this: “I better leave a note and give my number so I can pay for the repair.”

With my moral compass pointed directly north, I spirited the boys to their respective fields then made a fast dash back to the car to pen my note of apology. I climbed back into the driver’s seat and began to fumble for a scrap of paper.

Round One:

Team "Right": 1
Team "Wrong": 0

Then all of a sudden something inside started to veer off course. You see, sitting there in my car, I had a second thought:

“Well, there was a little bit of wind… I’m really only partly to blame here… and who has ever put a note on my car? And why are these parking spaces so close together? And it really is just a tiny scratch. And what if the owner is some guy who’s in love with this car. He might yell at me. Then I will cry. The scene will be worse than the scratch! Oh, this has become complicated! Why not just forget about it?”

Round Two:

Team "Right": 0
Team "Wrong": 1

Next Up: Who Wins and How?

(Crossroads pic by alpoma. See for restrictions on use.)

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