Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry... ?

What if I said, let’s take the veterans out of Veterans Day. Or remove Martin Luther King Jr. from Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Or maybe we should take presidents out of Presidents Day. How about marking something other than the New Year on New Year's Day. Or something other than independence on Independence Day. Why give thanks on Thanksgiving? While we’re at it, why not turn Columbus Day into "X-Day." Lose the flag on Flag Day. Nix May from May Day…

You’d call me crazy! Or shockingly insensitive!

How is it then that we can take Christ out of Christmas… and many of us are OK with that.

There's an e-mail going around encouraging people to send Christmas cards to the ACLU. I thought that was funny at first. But I now think it's possibly misguided and disingenuous. Better to be authentic and pure in our Christmas spirit toward others. Maybe there's a better way to reach the ACLU apart from intentionally clogging its mail system with our cards. That's just my opinion. I realize you might disagree!

Why not find 10 people this week to hug (yes, guys, I promise you won't die if you hug someone!) and wish a Merry Christmas. Can't find 10 people who need a hug? Why not stop off during lunch one day this week or after work and pay a visit to some folks at your local senior center or nursing home. That's where I'm headed this week. Some of those sweet people are all alone... with no one left living who loves them. I know they would appreciate a visit and a hug... and the joy and love of Christ shining through you this Christmas.

(Photo by hamdilah kamaluddin; see for restrictions.)

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