Friday, December 29, 2006

Who Are You Following?

Just before Christmas break, my six-year-old had a school field trip to Forth Worth. About 20 parents signed up to join and transport the kids. The commute was on the other side of rush hour, but still a challenge because our little caravan hit pockets of traffic nearly dead-locked by highway construction along the way. A few parents who were commuter savvy took an alternate route to our destination which bypassed the worst of the mess. Most of the other drivers managed to follow them. I couldn’t make up my mind in time and stayed with the construction route. By now, I was all but separated from most everyone else and gingerly weaving in and out of slow-moving lanes en route to where we needed to be.

After about an hour in traffic, Daniel and I safely arrived, behind some and ahead of others. One mom, who showed up shortly after us, had a little announcement:

“I saw Sarah up ahead,” she exclaimed. “So I knew we were going in the right direction!”

Just then, my friend, Melissa, shot this lady a look. Then she shot me a look… and pronounced, “Oh, my.”

You see, Melissa realized that I have a blindingly bad sense of direction. I get so lost I don’t even know I’m lost. I have crossed state lines before… lines I didn’t intend to cross. I’ve spent upwards of an hour driving around wondering why I’m seeing cows and red barns instead of Starbuck’s and sidewalk sales. I could get lost in my backyard. I have gotten lost in my neighborhood. So the thought of someone following me under the assumption that I’d get them to the right address made me shudder. On another day, we could have ended up in Tijuana.

There’s a parallel here to things spiritual. Who are you following? And where are you going? Ultimately speaking, you have just two options. You can spend eternity with God, or you can spend eternity separate from God.

What my friend Melissa didn’t know the morning of our field trip was that Todd had bought me a GPS navigation tool for my car. So that day, I was taking one of several routes that would eventually get us where we needed to be. One group went one way. Another group went a different way. Yet we all arrived at the same place. As I contemplate the map of eternal destiny, however, the options diminish. There are no alternate routes to heaven. There is but one path:

“Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

Are you lost? Please come back tomorrow.

(Lost in Traffic pic by pulpolux; see for restrictions.)

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