Tuesday, January 30, 2007

James Somers On Soone: Part I

I chatted recently with author James Somers about life in the publishing world (and life in general).

Sarah: Howdy, James!

James: Hoowdee, Sarah...actually we don't really say howdy in Tennessee. But we do like y'all alot.

Sarah: We like y'all, too. As long as it's friendly, we like it. So, how are things in Johnson City?

James: Things are cold right now--a little dusting of snow but nothing compared to what you guys were getting out your way recently.

Sarah: Yeah, it was cold here. Then again we think it's cold when it's, like, 60... I posted something about American Idol recently. I thought I might have seen you in the Memphis crowd. Was that you?

James: (laughs) Actually, you might be closer to Memphis than me. I'm at the farthest end of the state from Memphis. Did you make it to the audition?

Sarah: Oh, not me. I cry at Ford commercials. I wouldn't survive it. But I'm pretty sure Jamey did... So, James, you have your first book published!

James: Yes, the Chronicles of Soone: Heir to the King was published last November by Breakneck Books Publishing.

Sarah: And book number two is coming soon?

James: Yes, The Chronicles of Soone: The Rise of Lucin is scheduled for release by my publisher in November 2007.

Sarah: OK... your new cover is intense.

James: I really like the mood that this cover sets for the novel. It gets the point across, along with the title, that some difficult times are coming for the heroes!

Sarah: So without giving up too much, what can you tell us about the good guys and the bad guys in the second book?

James: The good guys are on the run in this next installment and the bad guys are gaining strength and getting ready for a big takeover. Its tone may be a bit like Star Wars III in that the bad guys are gaining power as the good guys struggle.

Coming Soon: James on the best and worst moments as an author... and three tips for getting published!

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