Monday, February 12, 2007

Can the Flock Rock?

That's the question I posed recently to a professor of theology and a doctoral student. What are Christians to do with modern music and entertainment? Can we rock? Or should we run? Their answers might surprise you... interesting dialogue coming!

Next Week: A Series on Rock 'n Roll, entertainment... and, of course, God.

(Photo by furiousgeorge81; see for restrictions.)

My Valentine's flick pic: Serendipity!


michael jensen said...

YES: the flock has gotta rock!

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Agree! BTW, I printed out all your posts on the book. You have some beautiful material there. I have a term paper to write, so I had to switch gears. But I'm anxious to get back into it. Will be very interesting to see where God steers you.