Friday, March 23, 2007

Health(ier) Waffles!

Healthier Waffles!

Too overwhelmed to cook from scratch? Try this simple, easy recipe for infusing nutrition into your morning waffles!


Pancake/Waffle Mix (Whole wheat is best, but any kind will do…)
Milled Flax Seed (where you find the flour/baking goods)
Wheat Germ (sometimes where you find oatmeal/pancake mixes)
Liquid Calcium (WalMart carries in vitamin aisle)

How To

Find waffle instructions on back of box.
Instead of using 2 cups of prepared mix, leave room in measuring cup for equal parts flax seed and wheat germ (to equal ¼ cup or more).
Add liquids according to box instructions, and optionally add an additional 1 tablespoon of vanilla-flavored liquid calcium.

Let sit for five minutes to test consistency. If it seems thick, add small amounts of water and stir until it reaches a slightly thinner consistency. Then cook and enjoy!

Syrup Alert: Have you read the ingredients in your syrup? Do you see things like “high fructose corn syrup" on the label? Not good! Convert to pure Maple Syrup… drag your kids along with you… they will get used to the taste… and they’ll be a lot better off with fewer unhealthy ingredients (sugar aside) in those little bodies!

OK. Anybody curious why there’s a picture of an old shoe here instead of a waffle? So glad you asked. I e-mailed a “flickr” photographer for permission to use her most outstanding waffle pic and she said “no” (in the most gracious rejection letter I’ve ever received.)

Here’s why: She said if I show a picture of her waffle with my recipe, it's kind of like false advertising. I’ve been waffling (pardon the pun) over this moral ambiguity ever since. It never occurred to me that you might think the food pictures I run and attribute to “flickr” came out of my kitchen. The truth is, if you saw what comes out of my oven, you’d never ever try my recipes. In fact, you might never come back to my blog. So until I figure out how to forthrightly illustrate my recipes, we’re sticking with old shoes and the like. Yummy, eh?

Question: Anybody mad at me because my blueberry health muffins came out of your oven looking like a remnant from the Civil War?

Photo by cindy47452; see for restrictions.)

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della said...

You know, Sarah, I was sitting here wondering why all the food that is really good for us tastes bad and doesn't look that attractive?

I stopped drinking soft drinks about three years ago. I can barely stand the overpowering sryupy taste of a soft drink today. After John's heart surgery, I stopped adding salt to our food. Now when we eat out, I find the food to be much too salty for my (new) tastes.

So upon these reflections, the question came to me? Does healthy food really taste bad (or boring)? Is a bowl of fresh fruit really less attractive than a hot fudge sundae?

Or is this just further evidence of how perverted my thinking is?

Sarah Onderdonk said...

i have no idea. i tried to convert to soy milk over the summer and the very look of it almost made me gag. it's just, you know, kind of brown. for me, it's purely psychological, because it tastes just fine.

if the bowl of fruit and the hot fudge sundae had the same health quotient... i'd go for the sundae.
do you think... knowing some of the good stuff is not good for us... that there's kind of a "forbidden" attraction to certain foods? if you told me broccoli was bad for my heart, caused cancer and would make my skin look like a roadmap, do you suppose i'd suddenly crave it?

(probably not)

della said...

Broccoli, Sarah? It's okay (for a vegetable), but craving it -- that's a big stretch.

I imagine the tastiest of carbs in heaven.