Friday, March 02, 2007

Olympic Training!

John (in "toga") teaches Tell Petty how to throw a "javelin" during the Greek study unit at Faith Christian School. "Pretty cute," said the respective mothers.

Check back next week as we wrap up a fascinating look at Christianity and entertainment. Two more posts remaining in the series... along with a peek at what's playing on Dr. Kreider's I-Pod and John Adair's DVD player!

Coming in March... a "book club" that kicks off with Larry Crabb's Inside Out... buckle up for a wild ride and plan to share what you learned... and "Ask Greg" on fiance troubles. Stay tuned!

(Awesome photography by Trent Petty.)

Have You Tried It? Birdseye "Steamed Fresh" Frozen Veggies... super easy, nutritious and yummy!


Big D said...

John... You look like a gentle giant! Good coaching!!

Sarah Onderdonk said...

big d... i hope it's a window into the future i see in that pic... something i don't always see at home because they're too busy whacking each other on the head with those things...