Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Forever Spring

A song of joyful praise and hope... amidst our sorrow.

1You planted a garden for me,
and I thank you.

2 Look at the colors.
So vibrant!
3 See the indigo violets.
and bubble gum roses.
Spot the neon grasshoppers
and silvery slugs.

4 Hear the sounds.
How curious!
5 Listen to leaves rustle
Hear the sparrows flutter
Listen as bees buzz

6 Smell the scents.
How inviting!
7 Catch the aroma of sweet sap
from the old maple tree.
Breathe the fresh must
that tells of the storm.

8 Taste the flavors.
How delicious!
9 Warm, sweet tomatoes
torn from the vine.
Freckles of nectar
cling to my lips.
Dots of rain
dance on my tongue.

10 Feel the textures.
How variant!
11 The soil is cool and moist
and teeming with life.
The wind combs my hair
and brushes my face.
The sun gives up one last kiss
before the curtain falls.

12 Your gift to me;
So glorious.
This garden that grows.

13 Through drought and flood and stinging cold—
The garden goes dry and swamps and chills…

14 Still…
The colors!
The sounds!
The smells!
The tastes!
And textures!

15 If only today in my heart,
this bountiful garden grows.
16 As I faithfully watch and wait and long
For the glorious return of Spring.

17 Thank you, Lord,
for the garden you made.

18 For all that I’ve seen.
And all that I’ve heard.
19 For all that I’ve smelled,
And all that I’ve touched.
20 For all that I’ve tasted,
And all I can imagine.

21 For in this verdant plot of what we know,
and what we trust…
22 We find our hope in heaven
and the wonder of You.

23 You planted a garden for us.
24And we thank you.

(Photo by nutmeg66; see for restrictions.)


Lord Jim said...

Hope is what keeps us alive day after day.....
Hope is the one shoulder on which we all lean.

Dawn said...

What a lovely picture this paints in my mind! Are you the author? How sad that there is evil in this world, but how wonderful that God has given us hope and His Son.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Lord Jim... mercifully we have in God the shoulder that never grows weary.

Thank you, Dawn! Yes, I wrote this. It was a recent assignment for a seminary course... we had to compose two original psalms. It was a very daunting task... and I now stand in even greater awe of the real psalmists!

Jamey said...

Absolutely beautiful! Your writing makes me feel as if I am there. Thank you so much for reminding me of the little things to be thankful for in this busy world.

Sarah Onderdonk said...


one of your friends visited 121 CC on Sunday. we talked about how much we miss you.

jamey said...

Sarah, my friend called me to let me know that you welcomed her and her family to church last week. They felt so welcomed and warm. She also shared with me the your kind words. Makes me miss you more! Thanks for taking such good care of her and her family. They are dear people!

Love you!!!!!!!!!