Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How Are You Voting?

I have changed my tune about American Idol. My first exposure to the program was this year's season opener which served up a mean menu of the gifted and the clueless. The first few shows this season generated a lot of controversy for what some (including me) would argue was its gloves-off mistreatment of innocents. It's one thing to subject yourself to international humiliation of you're talentless and arrogant. Therein, perhaps, you get what you deserve. But how about those who are talentless, cluless and set up to fail so the world can giggle and jeer? That's the mean part.

My friend, Jamey, urged me to get out of a cave and give it a chance. I did that. Now I see a dimension, particularly in Simon Cowell, that's real if not somewhat refreshing. You could argue there's a nicer way to critique others. I would agree with that. But his "yes" is "yes" and his "no "is "no." You know where you stand with him. He won't string you along or sychopantically delude you or lead you down a dead-end road or brandish a big goofy grin before he stabs you in the back. Some might argue he could maybe use a little sprinkling of compassion. Then again, I have to ask myself how willing I would be to walk through a filthy trash heap in Africa. Hmmm...

I suppose there's a larger issue about the moral premise of reality television in general. I'm not going there today. The question I have is about how we vote. The judges have said time and again, "This is a singing contest." My boys have a favorite and we let them vote last night. But the question I asked my oldest son as we tucked him into bed was, "Who would win and potentially do the most for the Kingdom?"

I have a favorite entertainer from American Idol and I have in mind someone who might be a good ambassador for Christ. They are not the same.

So, who do you think I should vote for?

(Very cool award-winning photo by Luis Montemayor used with permission. See for more pics.)

Book Club Announcement: Are you reading Inside Out by Larry Crabb? Good! We will be blogging about it in May (not April as planned). This is a better fit with the end of the semester at DTS. So if you haven't picked it up, you still have time! We'll be hearing from Dr. Ramesh Richard. So plan to join us!


Dawn said...

Having only seen the show once or twice a few years ago, I think my favorite entertainer would also have some character behind them, so that would hopefully cover both issues, entertainer and doing good for the kingdom. I know that is how I feel about the contestants on other reality shows.
However, I never have and doubt I ever would vote on one of these reality shows.
Also, I am one of the few people left who refuses to pay for cable tv, which means other than a handful of channels, I get poor reception. Thus, in my home, I do not have the opportunity to watch Idol.

Sarah Onderdonk said...

good answer, Dawn! and i so applaud your decision to pass on cable tv. ex. Idol, we watch two channels almost exclusively yet pay for the rest. the kids needed to "recalibrate" a while back and my husband banned all media for a month. it was just awesome... they painted and read books and played chess and basketball. and they were more cooperative with one another. we've always been somewhat "regulatory" as it relates to our children's media consumption. but you can get into "electronic babysitter" habits if you're not careful. obviously this isn't good... and i would guess you are more sensitive to that than many.

jamey said...

Sarah, I love your post. Isn't it just like you to bring each issue down to what is really important - expanding the Kingdom - through whatever channels (no pun intended) that God provides for us. I love that about you!

In full disclosure I feel I should tell you that we are watching Idol this year although not as religiously (hehe) as we have in the past. We are not voting but usually save our votes to the end of the season. So, if I had to vote for a winner today it would be...Fox. Are they rakin' in the dough or what.....???

Sarah Onderdonk said...

yes! it's a machine. but how wonderful that they are giving back. think they raised $70 million so far. (elvis was a little eerie, though...)

Sarah Onderdonk said...

p.s. it's a constant effort amidst the clang and clutter of life to think Kingdom first... i wish i always got it right, but i sure don't. but thank you for your sweet compliment.