Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanks to my friend, Angela Gilliland, who submitted this photo from a family trip to Disney World. Angela is now in the travel business and can secure wonderful low rates (typically anywhere from $10 to $400 per person) for airfare and transportation... as well discounts on tickets for local events, flowers, tee-times, etc. Works just like Orbitz... you do your own thing. Check it out:

About to come off my iPod... Silent House by Crowded House. OK, I really wanted to love the new album (Time on Earth)... especially in light of the rowdy howdy-do the band received in California recently. Rumor has it someone actually pinged Neil Finn onstage with a flying bottle! (Tsk, tsk to whoever had the goofy notion to have them open for a group of anarchists.) At any rate, I'm having a bipolar response to this album. If you visit iTunes, you will see that I am basically an island on this one; the reviews are overwhelmingly good. Silent House, originally performed by the Dixie Chicks, had me baited at first listen. Subsequently, I had to spit out the hook. I double checked my speakers to make sure I hadn't blown something. There's this grating drone from the base that swells and won't relent giving this track all the stirrings of a midnight propoganda broadcast. I'm thinking if we could find a way to play this on continuous loop on the border where Pakistan meets Afghanistan, we could end the war. Oh, I don't know. Maybe I've been smelling too many paint fumes to be clear on this one. Let me go and listen to the rest of it...

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