Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is This Bad News or Good News?

This headline from yesterday:

Dietary hopes dashed for breast cancer patients: Extra servings of fruits, veggies fail to prevent disease's return, study finds

What I'm Having for Dinner Tonight: Chocolate cake

p.s. I visted a local mostly homeopathic doctor a while back who put me on a costly proprietary vitamin powder regimen with four times the RDA of folic acid. I choked it down like a good doobie for about seven months. I was consuming so much folic acid I qualified for my own symbol on the periodic table. Come to find out studies now suggest that excesssive amounts of folic acid may feed the growth of microscopic colon cancer cells. Um... isn't that, like, what I'm trying to avoid here? (Of course, someone will come along and reverse this next week.) The study looked at people who have already had colon cancer, and, obviously, adequate folic acid consumption remains critical for women who are or could become pregnant! As for me, I have officially returned to One-a-Day... and an occasional fist full of chips.

My new diet regimen: Chocolate... lots of it.

(Pic by princess of llyr's; see for restrictions)


dog said...

Hope you enjoyed desert and treated yourself!!! A little sugar every now and then is a little piece of HEAVEN girl!!!

Love ya!

Sarah Onderdonk said...

i had every reason to eat the chocolate chip cookie i pulled out of the oven:

1. raging spirit of rebellion with respect to my rigid vegetarian ways

2. one cookie was lumpy and defective and a little mother-deep-down-inside voice said "don't give that one to the kids! you eat it!"

so what did i do?

thought long and hard (six seconds at least) and opted for a hand full of raw almonds.

am i hopeless?