Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Busy week! Going slowing through a fascinating survey of Genesis in OT History and I have about six blog posts swirling around in my mind. But I can't seem to get too much quality time on the computer this week.

Todd said there's a really funny song clip on KLTY that all moms will enjoy. I missed it this morning, but it will replay locally (94.9) at 7:30 on Friday morning (tomorrow). Check it out!

The CEO of the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters spoke at Todd's workplace yesterday. He shared some sad and frightening stats with respect to children in our midst who are suffering, and news about alarming downward trends in U.S. academic competitiveness. I'm going to try to track down the speaker and get some more information to pass along here.

I've been cold and clammy ever since I heard about the science fair log book. Someone please reassure me that this, too, will pass...



Need a trustworthy, top-notch house painter in the DFW area? Martin Tester & Sons painted the inside of our home this summer and did an incredible job. It's a wonderful Christian family business that's been painting for nearly 20 years. Martin's son, Dennis, even did a "handyman" project for us and refused to accept money. "I'd drive around helping people all day if I could," he said. Nice guys. You can call Martin at: 817/656-7203. They get busy, so you may want to plan ahead and cue up...

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