Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sonrise Update

Wonderful session this morning, friends. Appreciated everyone's insights on some really vital areas, including the importance of memorizing key Scripture that can be called upon in our moments of struggle and need. This week, try to identify and memorize one verse that speaks to the area in which you are most challenged or tempted. Also, loved EA's idea about keeping a journal of God's "rescues" so that we can easily be reminded of God's past intervention in our lives.

Next week, Stacey Rao teaches on disappointment. Very excited about that! The following week, let's talk about rest. OT & NT perspectives and the role of sabbath in our lives today. More background on this to come.

Looks like we are in agreement that Starbuck's off Northwest Highway could work for us and 8:15 is a better start time. Will check with KP and the others to confirm this. Next Tuesday, though, let's plan to meet at 121CC Church (down from Cowamunga's) at 8:15 for Stacey's talk.

More later!

Love, Sarah

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