Wednesday, November 28, 2007

January Focus: How To Study the Bible

In one of my first seminary courses, we were required to read a challenging book called Methodical Bible Study by Bible scholar Robert A. Traina. It was an invaluable exercise, but the book was excruciatingly detailed. One of Traina's former students, Oletta Wald, has adapted some of Traina's teachings into a slim but marvelously instructive book called The New Joy of Discovery in Bible Study. It's a great primer for getting into the Bible.

Let's plan to study Wald's book in our Sonrise group this January. You can order it at or your favorite bookseller. We'll plan to devote three of four weeks to it. Sound good?

A big thanks to Kathy for walking us through her trip to Russia and India yesterday. There was so much to reflect on. I was left with a feeling of such hope amidst the challenges that our Christian brothers and sisters face in their ministries abroad. Please pray for God's continued protection of Monica and her family.

Back to the post-vacation laundry avalanche...

Love, Sarah
On my iPod... So Soft, Your Goodbye by Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler

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