Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sonrise Update: 11/6

Great meeting this morning! Lots to contemplate with respect to rest (Heb: sabat, Shabbath) which is a Biblical concept that has significant bearing on our physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. As Kathy pointed out, there are physical and mental challenges to our ability to rest. I would encourage you this week to pray about how God can help you discern the priority areas in your life and consider unburdening yourself of non-essentials and time robbers that may be keeping you from the rest you require. Rest is not selfish... it is ultimately life sustaining and an enabler of good works!

Thanks for all those b-day treats, friends. How very clever of you all! I will have to find some rest in order to use them! I'm on it!

(And how about that bird that flew away???)

I threatened, er, I mean, promised to teach on Leviticus next week. But Alex stepped up to the plate and offered to teach on conflict resolution instead. So that's what we're doing next week! However, I must tell you that Dr. Allman has upended my view of Leviticus. Can't wait to share with you what I've learned. It's stunning... really, it is! So Leviticus "unplugged" at a later date!

Angela and Evelyn have some fun thoughts on a Christmas party. Angela also has an wonderful outreach idea. Don't let me forget to carve out some time to talk about all this next time.

What am I forgetting? Seems there's a Tuesday field trip and some other school stuff coming up. We should all check our schedules for November/December and make sure the date/time continues to work as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Think that's it for now... back to the books!

Love, Sarah

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