Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How To Study The Bible: Session 3

In case you missed it... notes from this morning's, uh, highly animated session... there's a lot to be said for keeping it real, friends!

Pop Quiz! The three “discovery” steps are…

1. __________
2. __________
3. __________

Process for discovery is guided by:

5 W’s/1 H and… So What?

So What? (Prof. Hendricks build)

Exegesis (exuhjeesus)

What It Means: Determining the meaning of text from historical and literary context: think about putting the words and sentences under a magnifying glass!

Goal: What does the text, itself, tell us?

Observation is key!

Let’s watch a two-minute video and test our skills!

Group Exercise

Luke 23: 32-49

1. Observe (Ex. A modified)

a. Study: vs. 32-34 (5 W’s/1H & So What?)

b. Analyze: vs. 32-34

Next Session:

1. Do Practice B (pages 34-35) at home (vs. 32-49):

a. Imagine how you would feel if you were (pick someone)…

b. Ask questions… (e.g., “Why ‘wine vinegar’?”)

c. Hunt for answers with… (dictionary, commentary,
http://www.crosswalk.com/, notes at bottom of Study Bible, etc.)

2. Read Chapter 14…

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