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Study Notes from Today's Sonrise Session

Hey, friends. If you missed our Bible Study launch this morning, here are the notes...

Sonrise Bible Study: How Do I Study the Bible?

Notes: Session 1

You are a theologian!” (Stanley Grenz, Who Needs Theology?)

Goals of Study

o Learn process or "method"

o Personally interact with text

o Grow confidence in ability to interpret, teach and live out Scripture

o Have fun!

Primary Materials

o Bible

o The New Joy of Discovery Bible Study (Wald)

Conventional Bible Study "Tools"

o Bible(s)
o Concordance (Index of words)
o Greek/Hebrew Lexicons (Original vocabulary words: Hebrew/OT & Greek/NT)
o Commentaries (Someone else’s “comments”)
o Encyclopedia
o Key Word Study Guide (Where is a specific word used and how?)
o Bible Dictionaries
o Atlas
o Internet resources, e.g., www.crosswalk.com, www.netbible.org

Are There Other Tools?

Truth can only be discovered when it is personally appropriated.

William Barclay (Bible scholar)

Question: How would you teach the story of Creation to someone if you couldn't use written words?

1. ____________________

2. ___________________

3. ___________________

4. ___________________

5. ___________________

Critical Success Factors

1. The Holy Spirit is our group leader!
2. Yearn to learn!

Bring Each Week…

1. Bible translation of your choice
2. Discovery Book
3. Pen/paper

Prepare for Next Session: Read Chapters 1-2 in Wald book!

Some Random Comments...

"It takes me 30 minutes to find Philemon if I don't use the Table of Contents. So if you need to use the Table of Contents, please do! There's a reason it's right up front... a Table of Contents is a good thing!"

"OK... this is not a muffin. This is a cake."

"If my faucet drips, I have to call a plumber. I need a professional. The good news is... as it relates to God's Word... if you have the indwelling Holy Spirit, you are the professional. If you have a heart and a desire to learn, God will teach you. He has graciously given us all we need to know right here [in the Bible]... and it is well within our reach. Are you thinking right now about God? Then you are a theologian!"

"We're going to learn some big words. Not so we can throw them around and impress our pastors with the big words we know. We may not even use some of these words ever again in our own little group. But there are a few key terms you should know... so that when you are in an academic setting... or BSF... or someone else's Bible Study... and someone starts throwing around these big, old words... that this doesn't become a distraction for you... or a source of frustration... such that you're so intimidated by what you don't know that you miss the whole point of what's being taught, which has happened to me many times. They are just words..."


Some Scary Words (…that really aren’t that scary)

They Say: Hermeneutics (hermanooticks)

What It Means: The process of understanding the meaning of Biblical text. Think broad “interpretation” using both the text and insights of others (commentaries, etc.).

Goal: What did God mean by what He's revealed on the basis of the text and what we can learn from the insights of others?

Mental Picture: I think of an umbrella under which exegesis and exposition (see below) fall.

They Say: Exegesis (exuhjeesus)

What It Means: Determining the meaning of text from historical and literary context.

Goal: What does the text, itself, tell us?

Mental Picture: I think of putting the words of Scripture under a magnifying glass!

They say: Exposition

What It Means: Communicating what the text means and its relevance today… and it is relevant!

Goal: What does this mean to you in 2008?

Mental Picture: I picture a Bible teacher... someone who writes or speaks or somehow instructs... and students saying "Aha!"

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