Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I am a desperate housewife.

My 28-days-past-the-one-year-warranty-washer broke yesterday and the Ma Ingalls-let's-handwash-and-wring-out-our-laundry routine has me, um, a little anxious (when's the last time you tried to wash and wring out a bath towel, ladies? I got about 36 gallons of water out of one towel last night and still needed a gurney to haul it from the sink to the dryer... makes me appreciate how easy we have it today!). The repair people are telling me we have an especially special part that needs to be replaced (translated: they will be contacting their supply people in Timbuktu during office hours next week to see if the part that's probably no longer manufactured has turned up on e-bay yet.) The boys are entertaining this weekend (sleep-overs) and by Saturday afternoon my laundry heap will no doubt resemble the back room of a Super 8.

What I am grateful for today (among many other things)... modern conveniences we so take for granted and a working dryer!

Six of the saddest words known to man: "Did you purchase our extended warranty?"

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