Saturday, February 09, 2008

What We Take for Granted...

I was happily resigned to having a laundry party with EA for the next couple weeks as it was looking like a rather serious repair of the old (er, new) washing machine. Looking forward to it, actually! How often do we have an opportunity to chat while Zouting out grass stains? But Flo from Accent Repair (nice guy... flat rate) was able to fix the part on site and I was back in business inside of 24 hours. Left to think about how spoiled I am. While I was worrying about my washing machine, there are people in our world without water! I've taken to thanking God lately for all that we take for granted. I was reminded this week of all of our modern conveniences and comforts. We have it so easy, friends.

I joked the other day that the five saddest words known to man are warranty related. In truth, as someone from DTS has said (can't remember who)... the saddest, most chilling words are really found in Scripture. A phrase (4 words... three or four of which are the same depending upon your translation) repeated three times in Romans 1 (see vs. 18-28). Do you know what it is?

Have a great weekend... don't sweat the small stuff... be grateful to God... and will see the Sonrisers on Tuesday!



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Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to the laundry party... well, we just have to find another excuse to get another party going. I am glad your machine got fixed. Laundry multiplies by the seconds with kids.