Friday, March 28, 2008

A Place for Everything?

Interesting little article (original source: Prevention) on places we might not want to stash our stuff:

On my iPod... Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley


Doc Op said...

Dear Sarah, I know its bad form to leave a comment with a contact, but I couldn't find an email for you. I stumbled across your trinity site, and then your named site. I will visit again. Looks like we share some common interests in both theology and the interface of Christ and Culture (though I know Dallas TS) is Dispensational and I am not.

Anyway, You might want to check out these sites (and then errase this response!)



Sarah Onderdonk said...

Kirk... really interesting sites you've shared. Vivid poetry, gorgeous photography, and sharp, witty insights. Thank you so much for sharing!

Many of my friends, including some awesome Christian ladies in my Bible study group, are not dispensationalists. From my foxhole, there's so much that God has revealed that His children can agree upon... the non-academic dispenational "debate" makes me wince. It always seems to go on longer than it should and rarely ever, at least in my little world, gets "resolved." I'd rather try and fill-in the potholes versus dig a deeper ditch, frankly.

You might enjoy Mark Lawrence's flickr page. (Next time you visit, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find his link.)

Thanks for visiting...and God bless you in all your creative and artistic endeavors.


Sarah Onderdonk said...

To: "...Posting"

Course Work: A friend once said to me: "Don't give me that theobabble!" That has forever stuck with me. So I try to communicate as simply as possible (though I am not always successful, that's for sure). At DTS, I have an "end user" in mind for every project. I always ask myself, "Can I take this assignment and make it useful for someone who's not in seminary?" So, I am not writing for the professors or the graders... I have someone else in mind. (Sometimes, especially in the area of detailed charting, my "leaner" approach leaves the graders scratching their heads, I suspect, and is not always well received.)

Audience: My goal at the outset was to have a dialogue on various issues... less of me yapping and more debate and interaction. But my current "universe" is moms like me with elementary age children... many of whom get on the computer, like, once a month. So I just couldn't get that off the ground. I get 20-40 visitors a day... many of whom, surprisingly, land here because they found one of the photos my husband has taken on "google images." Are they moved to consider Christ? Do they come back? That part, I don't know. I have questioned many time the return on investment, so to speak, of perpetuating this blog. But I keep it going because I think I'm supposed to and writing for me is somewhere between oxygen and nachos.

I really suspect you know a lot more than you realize (and certainly have the capacity to learn more). Trust me, if I can survive seminary, anyone can. (My mind is a bit like grandmother's lace.)

I will check out your link (thanks for that!)

God bless.