Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sonrise Recap

Great session, friends. Next week, let's continue our discussion about context. See last week's notes below and we'll pick up where we left off this morning.

Re. your "assignment" this week (that sounds so unfriendly...), use the resource of your choice (alternate Bible translation, commentary, Bible dictionary, atlas, key word dictionary, internet site, etc.) to answer one or two of the questions you raised after reading our Matthew passage.

See you all next week!

Love, Sarah

Random Comments:

Our kids are watching us...

What immediately precedes and follows that verse? Very important.

Let me help you spray that (LOL!)

Try to remember what it was like to learn English... or the experience of watching your children learn. Things we take for granted when we approach text as adults who are fluent in our language. Learners are aware of things that modify other things... how sentences hang together... what constitutes a clause or a sentence... the difference between a period and an exclamation mark, etc. Approach Scripture you really want to understand from a grammatical "learning" perspective and see what is revealed in the mechanics of the words.

Where's Alex?

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