Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Simplicity

My mother, who is 83, implores me each year to recognize Mother's Day with a simple card. "It's really all I want," she's told me for, like, 30 years.

Do I listen?

Noooo. Because, somehow, I think I know best. So, off I go every year in search of a token or a trinket or something to wear or hang or otherwise display. But after so many years of accumulating things, she is running out of space and "thing maintenance" is no longer her groove.

Mother's Day kind of crept up on me this year. I realized it was approaching four days beforehand, which left me with little time to pull together a thoughtful gift. So, this year I did what she's asked me to do all these years. I simply sent a card. Mom was thrilled. She got what she wanted.

I got what I wanted this year, too. The boys, in non-matching pajama ensembles and serious bedhead, burst into the bedroom on Sunday morning to wake me up (I'd been awake for about an hour, mind you, but Todd clued me into special events that required me to stay put!). "Happy Mother's Day!" they squealed proffering breakfast on a tray which consisted of about 18 corn flakes ("I poured them myself!") in three-and-a-half-cups of milk ("I poured that, too!), a label-emblazoned banana, and a couple splashes of orange juice in the distressed plastic Pepsi cup we've used over the years as a bath toy, bug trapper and listening device.

"This is the best Mother's Day breakfast ever," I exclaimed! Todd, no doubt reflecting upon past years of gourmet muffins, omelets and fancy schmancy coffees, shot me a look that said "Oh, sure..."

But, I meant it. I really, really did. And for the first time... I understood what my own mother has been trying to say all these years... sometimes less is best.

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