Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Bible Teaching" Debate

Interesting post on The Blogging Parson (and a good discussion under "comments" there) about the term "Bible teaching" and all that it conveys. You can check it out here.

At first read, I felt a bit defensive about seeing the "teaching" arm of the American "Bible church" under somewhat unflattering scrutiny, believing that it does fill an important role--in name and function--as it seeks to represent, edify and equip those who hunger to know God beyond a meet and greet. But, I think there's an important and valid point being raised. If the "teaching" prunes back the Bible's inherently thrilling testimony of the ministry and person of Jesus Christ, and fails to create a supportive, positive environment where spiritual passion can ignite heart-felt activism, there's a problem... something akin to vaguely symptomatic heart disease that just might eventually become a "teaching" church's major health concern.

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