Friday, September 19, 2008

Sonrise Meeting Next Week!

Great discussion Tuesday on an incredibly revealing verse in Hebrews. You had some stellar insights. At JH's suggestion, this week we tackle James 1: 1-8.

1. First pray that God will lead you in your study.

2. Then read the Bible text without consulting notes or study aids.

3. Determine who is speaking to whom and why (OK to use commentaries here).

4. Then begin asking questions. Focus on any aspect of these verses that you'd like to personally explore. You might want to do a "key word" study on one of the words, e.g., "endurance" or "trials." Or, you might want to close your eyes and visualize the experience of being "tossed by the wind" using the imagery of vs. 6. Or, you might ask why it is that we should not expect to receive anything from the Lord (vs. 7). Or, you might think of example of someone you know (or, ahem, even yourself) who has at one time or another been "double-minded" (vs. 8). So, lots of freedom here... lock on to whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to focus on and study it a bit... pray about it... ponder it.

Then at the end... let's wrap ourselves around a bit of application and consider what type of attitudes people exhibit when they are in the midst of trials/temptation/suffering... and let's see where our discussion goes from there!

See you next week!



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