Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sonrise Upate!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess. 5:16-18

Hello, friends! We are back from an action-packed Florida Thanksgiving. It's been a tough month for Life Group with our collective travels, appointments, sick kids, etc. Let's pray that next Tuesday is a go... we'll continue with plans to share our three-minute "stories." Then the following week, we'll examine the three aspects of worldliness that we threatened to talk about a few weeks ago!

In lieu of getting together this week, I would ask you to perpetuate the "thanksgiving" spirit. In a kind of reverse but potentially revealing fashion. Pick one of the following exercises to reflect on this week:

Exercise 1: What and Why?

Typically, when we gather around the Thanksgiving table and throughout the day, we focus on God's blessings. For me, it's a bit like a kaleidoscope. So much to fathom and process that I don't stop in a meaningful way on any one blessing to seriously reflect and process. They're all just kind of colorfully morphing around in my mind. Everything from the goodness of God to Starbuck's Special Anniversary Blend. At the risk of sounding dismissive, that's honestly how it often goes for me. As I run through all the blessings brought to mind, the sublime and the mundane often get dumped into a big, old mental sieve where the intensity of gratitude for any one thing can become diluted. I'm challenging myself to re-visit and really ponder some of the key things I'm thankful for. I would encourage you, also, to freeze frame on one or two blessings this week. Thank God for what He has provided. Meditate on the provision. Then ask yourself why you are thankful for whatever it is.

Exercise 2: Oops! I forgot to say "thanks" for...

Ask God to help you discern what are you ungrateful for! What or where is the blessing that you take for granted? Thank God for whatever insight He provides in this area. Then imagine a world without it (or him or her...) and look for ways to show your appreciation today!

If you want to attempt a cyberspace "chat," hit "comments" and let's discuss! You have to sign up for a google account... it's self-explanatory... and you can identify yourself or hide behind the cloak of anonymity if you'd rather!

Love, Sarah

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