Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sonrise Update

Great session this morning... and a sobering look at the model of humanistic psychology and its impact on many surprising aspects of mindset and culture. Next Wednesday, we'll talk about angels from the perspective of Scripture. What is their role and function? What do they look like? How did they minister to people long ago? How to they differ from humans? Are they actively intervening on our behalf today? Please come and also share your amazing "encounters" with God next week.

Don't forget to order your Boundaries book for our February study!

Please join us, wherever you are, in our prayers for former President George W. Bush and our new President Barack Obama. We prayed specifically this morning that George Bush and his family would transition with a sense of peace to the next leg of life's journey, knowing that there are many who stand grateful for his years of commitment and service to our nation. We prayed for safety and health and protection for Barack Obama and his family, and that the guiding hand of God would be firmly on his shoulder, ever affirming his Christian faith and providing discernment and wisdom... and that change in whatever form it takes transcends politics and economics and culture and results, ultimately, in glory to God.

Love, Sarah

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