Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saving Squawkers

Texas is fire ant country. Tiny red menaces that no doubt keep some sort of undesirable population under control but also must be managed for the predatory mayhem they inflict upon civilians. Walking Ruthy last week, I encountered a still-moist and wriggling earthworm on the asphalt path that was on the early phase of an attack. Still viable but in serious trouble. I stopped and thought about intervening. I wished I had the courage to reach down a pick it up and put it back in the grass. But the gross-out factor of both worm and ants prevented me from doing anything.

Flashing to things spiritual, I was suddenly struck by how blessed we are to have a God without constraints or limitations. How he intervenes on our behalf even in our messiness, and mercifully, graciously gives us chance upon chance to survive and thrive in this world.

So when we saw the baby bird who had just fallen from its nest being bitten by ants attacking from seemingly every direction on Thursday, we felt we had to do something. It was messy and we were totally clueless about the path forward and had about a dozen things we really should have been doing but I kept thinking about God's intervention into my own life, how he has repeatedly scooped me up and nurtured me and given me new beginnings.

We did some blazing Internet research, consulted knowledgeable friends and experts, and kept "Squawkers" alive, feeding him every half hour and putting a heating pad under his little box. We investigated a return to the nest but found it had been overturned and was teeming with carpenter ants. But, God led us to a wonderful lady in Arlington named Cheryl who takes in orphaned and injured birds. She said Squawkers is a Mockingbird no more than nine days old and, apart from some bruising from the fall, is in remarkably good shape. She put him in a little box with a larger bird who'd been attacked by a cat and told us she'd take good care of him. I noticed him instinctively move closer to the larger bird, burrowing beneath it, no doubt thinking he'd been reunited with his mother.

The boys sure did learn a valuable lesson this week. Me, too.

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Jamey said...

Ok - with a face only a mother can love I can see your attraction to squawkers. I am just beginning to read In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. In his book written in the late 1800s, the main character, a pastor, asked the question "What Would Jesus Do" of his congregration. I'm just reading into their actions and their friend, family, coworkers reactions. I'm sure you and your boys did what Jesus would do. Good going girl.

Della said...

I love happy endings ... and happy beginnings! We know how God feels about sparrows, so I'm sure He smiled. And I too, am so thankful that He rescues and redeems me from the worst conditions ... many of my own making.

I love mockingbirds!