Monday, August 31, 2009

Todd and I are prayer coordinators for Faith Christian School's Take a Knee ministry. Our focus is 7th grade football. Below is our devotional for this week.

And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. (Luke 2: 52)

It’s hard to think of Christ on the brink of adolescence, but that’s where we find Him in Luke Chapter 2: 41-52. It was the year before his 13th birthday when Jewish tradition would legally recognize Him as an adult. Jesus had spent several days separated from his parents who had unknowingly left him behind following the Passover feast. When they were reunited, Jesus responded boldly to his mother’s anxious questioning yet remained with his parents in subjection. It is shades of where we many of us find ourselves today… experiencing a growing tug of independence versus dependence on the part of our children.

The first sight of my oldest child in full pads on the football field Thursday night nearly stole my breath. I flashed to a time not so long ago when he was a toddler full of needs and under our ever-watchful control. I have a growing sense this year of the fleeting nature of our time together. My nerves over contact football have softened this week. I find myself very grateful that this rite of passage is occurring under the discipleship of godly coaches who see beyond the boundaries of the field to the larger horizon of our faith and all that we as Christians aim to be.

Still Thinking About... The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Jamey White said...

Sarah, I would LOVE to know more about the Take a Knee program. Share the scoop...

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Hey, Jamey!

A wonderful ministry... believe it's the brainchild of Anne Ashton. There are team coordinators for each of the football groups... idea is to organize parents around prayer. We send out weekly devotionals, make praise/prayer requests known to the group, and huddle with the boys and coaches in prayer before each game. LOVING being a part of this... but we've already had three prayer requests related to injuries (one unrelated to football)... and we just started the season. C & D had a scrimmage last night and the sound of banging helmets was REALLY scary... (,said the mother).

How is the start of the school year for you?? Loved your FB pics!

dsimon3 said...

Sarah...Loved reading your account of this...My son is 27, it was hard when he took his first "real" trip alone abroad to South Korea, on his way to moving to China for 8months! All I could do was pray, because I knew that I had only been lent this child by the Lord and I "had" to trust that God would truly watch his steps in a place and time that I could not...God led him through that with such love and care...My little baby boy who giggled toothless-ly at his momma when he was only 4 months old - When he trecked out to China...He climbed the Great Wall of China, went Sand Skiing in Inner Mongolia, shopped in Shang-Hai for a week, He did ride a boat through Seoul Korea (where his gradfather fought in the War) He also went to Japan for a week. Since then, he has backpacked through France (Normandy), ridden a train to Belgium. He recently went to Barcelona, Spain, climbed the Rock of Gibralter, took a boat to Morocco, went to Germany and the Czeck Republic! Through it all God has guided him and taken care of my sweet one and only son...Of course God knows the "One and only Son" issue....So, there is so much more to come! As long as we have Jesus we have insurance that our children are in God's most capable and precious hands! Love you, Debbie Simon

Sarah Onderdonk said...

Debbie... what encouragement!! I'll carry that one in my heart... thank you! Love, Sarah